My Services While you focus on technology, I take care of the user's needs.
Together we build an application that is a pleasure to work with!

User Research.

Ask the right questions and listen deeply to your target group:
To create products that fit the users’ needs and business requirements, I can help you with workshops, surveys, interviews and analysis.

Information Design.

Structure content, web pages and screens along business goals:
To help your users getting their tasks done efficient and effective, I create mock-ups and interactive wireframes based on task flows.

Content & Copy.

Use the right choice of words, media and channel: To convince stakeholders and customers, I communicate your brand and product in a way that people understand - internal and external.

To see how I can help you, download my services sketch book (PDF)

About Me I'm a multiple person with many interests

Hello, I'm Susanne

I am a UX designer from southern Germany focusing on user research, information architecture and content strategy. My wide experiences in many disciplines, job roles and companies made me a t-shaped person who loves to work in interdisciplinary teams located around the globe.

My background is in technical writing, and I created numerous information products for business software. Today I still help companies with communication, content strategy and storytelling.

I enjoy riding my motorbike and sea kayak, love art and design, and intend to practice iyengar yoga more regular :-)

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My Skills That's what I can do best, and what I want to improve:

Research & Data Analysis
Information Architecture
Interaction Design
Content Provider

Education That's a bit of what I have learned so far:

User Experience Design

After explaining software for many years, I wanted to step deeper into product design. In the first half of 2015 I made an online training covering the whole UX process. With help of a personal mentor I designed my first web application: TASKLY! Find out more on Behance.

Technical Author

It was at the Technical Academy Esslingen (TAE) where I learned about functional information design. That enabled me to explain complex business software to different user groups. Since 2002, I designed and created numerous, easy to understand help concepts, manuals, and files.

Public Relations

At the beginning of the millennium, a voluntary service in a publishing company gave me a first understanding of the media business. Some years later, I changed the page and worked as a journalist and editor for magazines. Currently I help companies to communicate their individual success story.

Art History & Psychology, M.A.

I have always been addicted to paintings and sculptures, so my university studies followed that path. While my search for what makes us individuals resulted in studying cognitive and developmental psychology, my interest in cultures led me to European Ethnology.

My WorkSome of the projects I did as an employee and freelancer in different roles:

My Blog About UX related topics and events:

WIAD 2017

World IA Day comes to Germany 2017!

By Susanne / September 26, 2016

‘Whether you have 10 people in a coffee shop or 300 in a theater, your goal is the same; provide a place and time to discuss and learn about information architecture.’ Abby Covert, Co-founder of World IA Day

Join us on Saturday, February 18, 2017 as information architecture practitioners come together to celebrate, share knowledge, and bring awareness to the importance of strategy and structure.

Usability in Germany: Connecting the dots!

Re-Design your conference!

By Susanne / March 29, 2016

Last week the annual conference Usability in Germany took place in Mannheim. Connecting the Dots - Vernetzt UX & Management! was the central idea of the event. Guests could choose from a variety of speaches about scientific research, reports about UX projects, and join workshops to learn tested methods. Note: The long version of this blog post is written in German :-)

HDK Zurich

What is information architecture?!

By Susanne / March 1, 2016

On February 20, 2016, this year's World Information Architecture Day (WIAD) was celebrated in 57 locations in 28 countries – unfortunatley not in Germany. To explore the myths of information architecture (IA), I made a trip to Switzerland. Even the venue at the Toni areal (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste) was a great place to meet and discuss, the Swiss conference wasn't about real buildings. But what is IA actually about?!

Let' get visual

Let's get visual :o)

By Susanne / Feb 8, 2016

Don't be afraid to sketch your ideas! Visualising what's on your mind isn't that hard as you might think. To get started, you just need some sheet of blank paper and at least a black marker with a chisel tip and a fineliner tip. After having a lot of fun in a sketching workshop, I'd love to share a little story to show how sketching can enrich life!

Break the rules

Are you a work@holi?

By Susanne / Jan 12, 2016

'Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.' Not sure if actually Confucius said this, anyway there might be something true about. But to be honest, who is that lucky?! For those who are not, working in your vacation might be an option - let's break the rules and follow me on my volunteering trip!

Your dream job does not exist. You must create.

Your dream job does not exist.

By Susanne / January 10, 2016

It's nearly a year ago that I decided to quit my job as a senior information developer. What made me run away, and what kind of challenge am I looking for? Let's go and create my dream job - you might find yours, too!

Cindy Lauper: True Colors

What´s your true color?

By Susanne / January 2, 2016

If you grew up in the 80s like me, this question might bring you back to Cindy Lauper`s love song True Colors. Actually, this post is about the boxes psychologist, recruiters, or even dating apps lock us in. Check out if they are right!

UX Design Certificate

Congratulating myself ;-)

By Susanne / May 23, 2015

Proud to announce that I am done with my course! Looking for a UX designer to join your project team? Please contact me and I will send you my cv & references.

Creative Hub Mannheim

Join the new working class!

By Susanne / May 10, 2015

For many decades, Mannheim has mainly been known as a less attractive, industrial city. But, during the last years, the (sub)cultural scene raised and became more and more important, also as a business factor of the Rhein-Neckar region. By establishing innovative institutions for creative people, such as the Pop-Akademie in the Jungbusch quarters, the image of the city changed.

UX barcamp Zurich

What is a barcamp?

By Susanne / May 12, 2015

"Unlike a traditional conference, a BarCamp is an event which is shaped by the attendees. Rather than having a day of scheduled speakers, you are given the opportunity to present yourself. The goals is to share what you know, learn from others, and ignite discussion." Sounds interesting?! Join the UXCamp in Zurich on Saturday May 16th!

UX Lisbon

Meet me at UX LX

By Susanne / April 10, 2015

From 3 to 5 June 2015 you can find me in Lisbon, Portugal, attending the User Experience Design Conference. Afterwards I will take a break and do a voluntary job on an ecotourism farm on the Azores.

FAQThings you might want to know, too

> Why did you change your career?

IT is my passion! As a technical writer, I explained complex business applications to different target groups. Soon I recognized that a well designed application does not only make my own, but also the user’s job much more efficient. To make digital products easier and intuitive to use, I always improved its usability. During the last years I focused more and more on user-centered design. And there are actually more UX designers with a background in writing: Both professions share an iterative and storytelling approach! Many tasks overlap, such as defining the information architecture. Thank guerillagirl for the link to Talisa Chang's post Copywriting for UX.

> How much UX experience do you have?

I have worked with software companies since 2001, and UX and UI designers have been my team mates for many years. I have created personas, concepts, test cases and style guides in agile development projects and improved my skills in several UX & UI design related trainings. In 2015 I went through the whole UX design process with help of a mentor. To apply my knowledge I engage in social activities, for example in startup initiatives and the refugee hackathon.

> What would you like to do in your daily job?

In my dream job I would love to:

> Do you still like to write?

Definitely! Good communication skills are a basic need for every UX designer, and that includes documenting the following:

Note: There is no need to create endless text - combining words and visuals is much better!

> What about UX copy?

Imagine your application is a character talking to you, and you get the idea of UX copywriting! Which actually comprises the language and tone of your product. I can design an appealing voice that will assist any user with:

> Our marketing team could need some help, too!

Cool, I still love content and copywriting! I can create the following marketing material:

> Can you help us with UI design?

If copywriting is UI design, definitely ;-) I have designed icons, logos, and websites and am contineously enhancing my skills to create appealing visual design! Currently I am taking an online UI Design course which includes learning the powerful Sketch app.

> Do you want to work as a freelancer or on contract base?

During my career I got to know both sides of the medal. Currently I don't want to state a clear 'Yes' or 'No' to one of the options - it depends on the project, the people, the location... Contact me and let's discuss!

> Would you be able to work in our office?

As long as you don't know each other, working onsite makes it easier to collaborate because you are visible. And an iterative design approach requires permanent exchange and feedback. But once you are a winning team, working remote could be an option, too. Regular home-office days can increase the productivity in some project phases. As a freelancer I prefer to share an office with colleagues from digital business, such as Raben Engel Odenwälder co-working space.

> Are you willing to travel?

Yes, because UX design is team work that involves customers and users - not as an option, but as an essential requirement. I love not only to discover new cities and cultures, but am also highly interested how users' daily business looks like and do observations onsite. If that's not possible, a remote session can be a good alternative (for example, eye-tracking with a webcam).

> Which skills would you like to improve?

It would be amazing to learn more about JavaScript & frontend development.

Contact Me Any questions left? Looking for my CV?

Please give me a call +49 160 7282547, or simply drop me a line: